is a fan project aimed to extend the Doomtown: Reloaded expandable card game. The cards published here are not official Doomtown: Reloaded cards and are not legal for Doomtown: Reloaded tournaments and are only meant to be used in friendly games. More info here.

Arc II Meteor Street

After the climactic chase that led to the meteor being split in 3 when Cora Mant Saragy betrayed Queen and country, things will escalate in the second arc of Falling Rock...


Can the Lod Family maintain its hold on the town? Will the Whateleys create the perfect abomination? Will Isadora Findley be able to take over Sacramento Mutual Trust? Can the girls from the Rose stay free from criminal influence? What is Reverend Wood's goal and will he attain it?


Card types and mechanics from the first arc of Falling Rock will be back.

New mechanics introduced include Grave abilities and Tricks for Marksmen. Of course, the mechanics introduced in the latest Doomtown: Reloaded saddlebags such as Melee Weapons, Core deeds, Conditions,  Attires and Headlines  are also coming to Falling Rock.


Each episode in arc 2 will contain 26 cards, including 2 outfits.


Print on Demand will be a 54 card set including 2 copies of each card except outfits and 2 rules and lore cards. Each PoD set will also include 4 alternate art cards; 2 from the set, and 2 reprints.


Episode 10 - A Blunt Instrument - coming September 2015

Episode 11 - Unhappy Hour - coming October 2015

Episode 12 - Lod's Gambit - coming November 2015